Computer Security Alert
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Security Risks:
- Web Pages
- Pictures
- Videos
- Email

Protect Yourself:
- At work
- Hacking
- Secret files
- Forensic Searches

Who Can See?
- Children
- Employer
- Bus. Partner
- Police
- Hackers

Speed Up Your System
Reclaim disk space
- Clean hard drives

Key Features

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Key Features of Evidence Eliminator™

Evidence Eliminator™ destroys in one click:

  • Windows SWAP file

  • Windows Application logs

  • Windows Temporary Files

  • Windows Recycle Bin

  • Windows Registry Backups

  • Windows Clipboard Data

  • Start Menu Recent Documents history

  • Start Menu Run history

  • Start Menu Find Files History

  • Start Menu Find Computer History

  • Start Menu Order Data

  • Start Menu Click History

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer temporary typed URLs, index files, cache and history

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer AutoComplete memory of form posts and passwords

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 5 and above)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet components (Selective keeping of components)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Folder memory

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites List

  • Microsoft Outlook Express v5+ database of (Selective keeping of mail and news groups)

  • Windows Media Player History

  • Windows Media Player PlayLists in Media Library

  • America OnLine Instant Messenger contacts

  • Netscape Navigator temporary typed URLs, files, cache and history.

  • Netscape Navigator Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 4 and above)

  • Netscape Mail v4+ sent and deleted e-mails

  • Netscape Mail hidden files

  • Customizable lists of files and folders, with or without their contents

  • Customizable scan lists of file types in specific folders

  • Customizable scan lists of file types on all drives

  • Deleted filenames, sizes and attributes from drive directory structures

  • Free cluster space ("Slack") from all file tips

  • Magnetic remenance from underneath existing files/folders

  • All free unallocated space on all hard drives

  • Evidence of activity in many other programs, using Plug-In modules

  • Slack space and deleted entries in the Windows registry

  • Created and modified dates and times on all files and folders

  • Windows Registry Streams

  • Common Dialog load/save location history

Evidence Eliminator™ provides many unique user benefits:

  • A top-quality, professional program

  • It can speed up your PC by a significant amount

  • A simple easy user interface

  • Auto-configuration of popular locations where evidence is stored

  • "Stealth Mode" provides invisible operations

  • "Safety Check" feature to protect new users

  • You only have to set-up the program once

  • Just press one button for total security every day

  • Secure deletion processes similar to US Government Military standards

  • Elimination of sensitive files and data - even if locked by the Windows operating system

  • Full Windows Explorer integration (right click on files and choose Evidence Eliminator™ from the pop-up menu)

  • Hot-Key recycle bin protection (Press CTRL-DEL to secure the Recycle Bin)

  • Auto-start with Windows for immediate response

  • Auto power-off when completed on ATX/APM powered PC's

  • All major functions available direct from convenient system tray icon

  • Interception and securing of standard Windows shutdowns and restarts

  • Command-line options for task schedulers

  • Detailed logging of all operations with option for daily logging

  • "Test Mode" facilitates easy diagnosis and logging of any drive irregularities

  • "Quick Mode" runs most functions quickly, in about a minute

  • Windows 2000 users supported on FAT drives (most functions available)

  • Windows Millennium users supported (most functions available)

  • Numerous security and safety tests as it runs

  • Automatic over-ride of system screensavers

  • Frequent upgrades and technical support to keep up to date with the latest operating systems, browsers and technologies

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    All-in-all, Evidence Eliminator™ is simply the first and only top-quality professional PC cleaning program that is capable of defeating all known investigative Forensic Software! 

    Windows 95 or Windows 98 recommended for maximum performance. Windows 2000 / Windows Millennium support includes most functions listed above except registry defragmentation which you can do manually in a few minutes.


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I'm truly amazed that you can provide this sort of quality at the price you charge. Best wishes. JC, USA

Thank you for everything this is the kind of program that I will use forever. RB, USA